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Our Development Council is a group of leading companies helping us create the tools that will help every business become future-fit®

Introducing the Development Council

To help companies get as much value as possible
from our work we need to learn from early adopters.


Our Development Council is a group of multinational companies who wish to understand and pursue true social and environmental leadership. We work closely with each member company to bring future-fit thinking and metrics into their business, to whatever degree is helpful for them.



In exchange we gain valuable insight on how to ensure that the Benchmark is as useful and usable as possible for all businesses. We also share our latest thinking with the Development Council as a whole, giving members the opportunity to contribute to new tools ahead of publication.


What our members say

Sue Almond

Head of Audit and Assurance, Grant Thornton UK LLP

"Future-Fit is at the cutting edge in developing a simple, meaningful and effective framework that will help define the next generation of extra-financial data reporting. It is essential that robust assurance processes are in place for this evolving style of reporting to ensure we continue to build trust and integrity in this area, which is central to our purpose. Our shared values make Future-Fit a natural partner for us and we are delighted to be working with them."

Christopher Davis

International Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, The Body Shop

"The Body Shop was a pioneer of the responsible business agenda 40 years ago, thanks to the vision of our founder Anita Roddick. But the demands that we as a society are now placing on the Earth have reached unprecedented levels, and science tells us that all companies need to do more. But how much more? The Future-Fit Business Benchmark has given us the answer, in the form of a clear, science-based destination to aim for: a North Star by which to guide our journey to true sustainability."

Helen Sahi

Director of Sustainability, Avery Dennison

"In 2015 Avery Dennison committed to a set of guiding principles, grounded in the work of The Natural Step, to ensure that as a business we move toward a state of 'true sustainability'. These principles were the starting point for developing seven bold targets for 2025, which span the environmental and social impacts of both our products and our operations. Because the Future-Fit Business Benchmark is built on the same underlying science, it offers us a ready-made way to operationalize our 2025 targets, enabling us to both measure and manage progress toward them."

Susanne Stormer

Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Novo Nordisk

"The Triple-Bottom Line has been central to the way we plan and do business at Novo Nordisk, and how we report our performance, for many years. This is true of our core business - the sale of diabetes treatments - as well as our many initiatives aimed to improve people's wellbeing across the world, through research, education and investment in healthcare infrastructure. But today’s most urgent societal challenges need systemic responses, and the Future-Fit approach is helping us to think through how we can have an even greater positive impact on society."

Richard Northcote

Chief Sustainability Officer, Covestro

Navigating the plethora of metrics available in the sustainability arena is extremely complex. At Covestro, we have developed five over-arching targets that have been embraced by the business as we embed sustainable development in everything we do. The Future-Fit approach helps us to confidently chart our progress and complements our triple bottom line approach to sustainable development. We acknowledge the need for systemic change and are committed to pushing boundaries to make the world a brighter place. By working with Future-Fit, we have the opportunity to accelerate that journey.

Amy Hall

Director, Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher

As a Certified B Corporation with a holistic approach to business, Eileen Fisher Inc.'s partnership with Future-Fit is a natural next step. We hope that our vision for a sustainable apparel industry, complemented by the Future-Fit approach, will lead to shared learning and practical solutions for all apparel businesses. The time is now.

Suzanne West

Chief Executive Officer, Imaginea Energy

Imaginea is boldly challenging businesses in our industry to think differently, act differently, and measure differently. That’s why our mission is to become the first company in the world to produce clean hydrocarbons (without emissions, without pollution and without the use of fresh water). We must have transparent, and measurable outcomes so that we can demonstrate that this is indeed possible. Partnering with Future-Fit was an obvious "fit" for us as they are imagining a new way of measuring our progress and impact.

Ronel van der Merwe

Namdeb Sustainability Manager, DeBeers Group

We are committed to creating a lasting positive legacy, and to grow and protect the special place diamonds hold in the lives of consumers. This requires us to place sustainability at the heart of every aspect of our business and every decision we make. While we’ve done much in this regard, the Future-Fit system value approach is helping us take things to a new level. By framing all of our impacts – both positive and negative – in a holistic way, it’s encouraging us to embrace and take bold action in pursuit of clear, long-term ambitions.

Member companies

Each of these companies recognises that leadership today means much more than just being better than their peers.

Want to find out more?

We’re keen to expand the Development Council to gain insights into areas of industry that are not yet represented. If your organisation wants to help us shape and speed up the transition to a prosperous future for all, please get in touch.

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