Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
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Nordic Sustainability

As a sustainability consulting company, our main impact is in ensuring clients get the right advice to reach future-fitness as quickly as possible.

We see sustainability as an innovation and strategy agenda. It’s about staying relevant in a fast-moving world where taking responsibility for your impact is increasingly more important to customers, employees, investors, and regulators. Equally, it means rethinking how you manage your organisation and the indicators you evaluate your performance on.

This calls for consulting expertise that is less about compliance and more about strategic direction. We facilitate organisational change towards sustainability and help our clients become fit for the future by providing strategy processes and reviews, sustainability insights, and analysis as well as thought leadership and agenda setting.

The consulting industry as a whole, and we as part of it, have many negative impacts. These we will strive to eliminate (or not cause in the first place) as quickly as we can. We acknowledge that a business-as-usual approach isn’t enough, and we are committed to transforming how we do things on our own journey to becoming a Future-Fit Business.