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In an ever-more complex and uncertain world, entire business sectors are being disrupted. Leading investors know they must look beyond best-in-sector ratings and traditional ESG data if they are to respond to systemic risks and spot new growth opportunities. That’s where the Future-Fit Business Benchmark comes in.

Spot new risks and opportunities

The Benchmark helps you understand systemic risks and opportunities, to determine which companies are doing the most to respond to them.

Invest with greater confidence

ESG data looks only at who is 'least bad' among peers. Future-Fit looks at all impacts holistically, to define what 21st Century business leadership really means.

Engage companies more effectively

By identifying what every company needs to do and why, the Benchmark helps you zero in on the big questions companies in your portfolios should be answering.

Why Future-Fit?

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark helps investors align their success with that of society.

A systems intelligence tool

Drawing on systems science and leading third-party resources, the Benchmark makes sense of social and environmental pressures, equipping leaders to identify and respond effectively to systemic risks and opportunities.

Shaped by experts and peers

An Expert Council of academic and business specialists contribute to our work, and we have partnered with a wide range of companies and investors to ensure the methodology is both useful and usable.

Aligned with the SDGs

In 2015 the United Nations launched a shared vision for humanity in the shape of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Benchmark helps any organisation ensure its SDG response is both credible and effective.

What They Say...

Some of the world's leading investors are already using the Benchmark to build a better business...

Future-Fit is an evolution of how many investors currently look at extra financial performance. It moves us towards understanding which businesses are truly adopting the principles of sustainability throughout their businesses, operationally and commercially. It helps us define and identify the businesses of tomorrow. As investors, this is an invaluable addition to the tools we use.

– Amy Clarke, Partner, Tribe Impact Capital
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Systems science tells us how to create a just and regenerative future. The Benchmark helps any company play its part in getting us there.

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