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About Future-Fit

  • What is the Future-Fit Foundation?

    Future-Fit Foundation is a UK-registered charity with the vision of creating a Future-Fit Society – one which protects the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever, by being environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive.


    Future-Fit Foundation is responsible for the development, promotion, and stewardship of the Future-Fit Benchmarks – the first of which is the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. When time and resources allow, this will be followed by City, Government and Country Benchmarks.


    Find out more about us here.

  • What does the term “Future-Fit” mean?

    Put simply, Future-Fit means operating in a way that doesn’t harm planet or society. In relation to our Business Benchmark, this means being 100% fit across all 23 Break-Even Goals. We’re trying really hard to ensure it doesn’t become another watered-down meaningless expression (like “green”), so please try to ensure that when you say “Future-Fit” you really mean “Future-Fit”.

  • What is the Future-Fit Business Benchmark?

    The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a free business tool designed to guide real progress toward a flourishing future. It is the culmination of a multi-year process of collating and curating the most credible and robust third-party resources so that any business can understand, measure and disclose real progress.


    The Benchmark consists of 23 Break-Even Goals and 24 Positive Pursuits which together offer an holistic lens through which to assess and communicate the extent of a company’s negative and positive societal contributions.


    Find out more about the Benchmark here.

  • Is the Future-Fit Business Benchmark a reporting tool?

    No, the Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a strategic management tool that enables companies and investors to: set the right ambitions; embed those ambitions into every day-to-day business decision; and mobilise stakeholders to help achieve those ambitions.

  • What are the Break-Even Goals?

    The 23 Break-Even Goals together mark the line in the sand that all companies must strive to reach, to ensure they are doing nothing to undermine society’s progress toward future-fitness. Each Goal is clearly stated and accompanied by a detailed Action Guide which explains what it means to be Future-Fit for that Goal, and how to measure progress on a 0-100% scale.


    Find out more about the Break-Even Goals here.

  • What are the Positive Pursuits?

    The 24 Positive Pursuits characterize the full range of outcomes that actively speed up our collective progress toward future-fitness. Many companies actively seek to be a force for good in the world by working to solve systemic challenges. The Positive Pursuits are intended to help guide thinking about how best to create positive impacts, help others to reduce their negative footprint or support others to amplify their positive impacts.


    Note that a business does not need to have addressed all of its negative impacts before it starts pursuing positive ones.

    Find out more about the Positive Pursuits here.

  • How does Future-Fit relate to the SDGs?

    The SDGs, launched by the United Nations in 2015, serve as an urgent call to action for governments in the face of today’s most pressing challenges. Unfortunately, the private sector has struggled to know how to translate this unifying vision into meaningful business action. However, the holistic nature of the Benchmark, which incorporates both positive and negative impacts, means that companies pursuing future-fitness can see precisely how to make a clear and credible positive contribution to certain SDGs, while ensuring that they aren’t inadvertently undermining progress toward all of the others.


    See how the Break Even goals and Positive Pursuits map onto the SDGs here.

  • How can my company disclose its progress toward future-fitness?

    Progress and context indicators have been created for each of the 23 Break-Even Goals and offer a way to assess and communicate your company’s future-fitness today, and the targets you are setting for the future. Any company can produce a Future-Fit Statement of Progress and/or an integrated report using these indicators, along with detailed descriptions of its Positive Pursuits.


    The Future-Fit team is building out a suite of supporting tools, such as automated dashboards and reports, to make it easy for any company to form an holistic Future-Fit report. Sign up to our newsletter by clicking here to keep track of our latest developments, and investigate our Future-Fit Pioneers program for businesses committed to becoming Future-Fit and disclosing their progress annually.

  • How can my business obtain assurance on its progress toward future-fitness?

    The ‘self-assessment plus independent assurance’ model is tried-and-tested for financial reporting, and Future-Fit uses the same approach for extra-financial information tracked using the Benchmark. Any company can have its calculations and progress assured using the global ISAE 3000 standard by any audit firm or provider. To help avoid common assurance pitfalls, there is a section on Assurance within each Action Guide, as well as the Implementation Guide, offering guidance on the kinds of evidence assurers are likely to look for.

Growing the movement

  • How can I get involved with Future-Fit as an individual?

    If you are an individual who is interested in supporting and learning more about the Future-Fit movement, you can join our Changemaker Community to access additional Future-Fit resources, including weekly webinars and our vibrant online forum.


    If you are a consultant, then check out our Certified Professional program designed to empower you with your clients.


    And if you work for a business, consider how you might make the case for becoming a Pioneer (see below).

  • How can my business become Future-Fit?

    Our Pioneers program is designed for any business which is ready to commit to pursuing future-fitness. Pioneers will have access to a suite of Future-Fit tools to help them on the journey, including assistance with disclosing annual progress.


    If you are exploring becoming Future-Fit, you may wish to work with a Future-Fit Accredited Partner to help you. Browse our Accredited Partner Directory and search the profiles to find a service provider that suits your needs.

  • How can I help others become Future-Fit?

    If you wish to incorporate the Future-Fit approach into your professional services, either as an individual or at a company level, please take a look at our Certified Professional and Accredited Partner programmes. When you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch with the Future-Fit team.

  • What is the Development Council?

    The Development Council is a group of multinational companies and investors committed to understanding and pursuing true social and environmental leadership. We work closely with members to bring Future-Fit thinking and metrics into their business. In return, Development Council members provide valuable feedback on the ongoing development of Future-Fit tools and resources.

  • How can I join the Development Council?

    Membership to the Development Council is on an invitation-only basis as we seek to understand the challenges faced by different industries and types of organisation. That said, we are always on the lookout for committed businesses to support our work, so if your business is keen to be even more closely involved with Future-Fit, please contact us to discuss further.

  • Can I request a Future-Fit speaker/representative for an event?

    Members of our team are happy to speak at events. Please contact us to submit a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Future-Fit Brand and Materials

  • Can anyone use the Future-Fit materials?

    Yes! The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is free for any business to use to understand its holistic impacts on society and the environment, and to begin assessing, measuring and managing progress toward a flourishing future for all. All content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and may be used accordingly.

  • How should I use the Future-Fit brand?

    The term “Future-Fit” should only be used to mean the state of being 100% fit across all 23 Future-Fit Break-Even Goals. For example, “Our intention is to become a Future-Fit Business by 2030”. Please refrain from saying you are Future-Fit if you are not genuinely at that point yet.


    The term “future-fitness” should be used to indicate the pursuit of becoming Future-Fit, and should not be capitalized. For example, “The future-fitness of our products is very important to us”.


    The terms “Future-Fit” and “future-fitness” are always hyphenated.


    The term Future‑Fit and the Future‑Fit logos are registered trademarks, not for use on other websites and presentations without express consent from Future-Fit. Partners are permitted to use dedicated logos to indicate they are part of the global Future-Fit community. If you have any concerns that Future-Fit materials are being misappropriated, please get in touch.

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