Future-Fit Business Benchmark

A free methodology to help business build a better world.

Systems science tells us how our economy must be transformed if we are to meet everyone's needs and live in harmony with nature.

We've translated that science into principles, goals, indicators and guides to help any business play its part in getting us there.

Where we are today

Our economy is not fit for purpose...

Our ‘profit at all costs’ approach to economic growth has for decades undermined the health of people and planet.

Linear take-make-use-lose production models disrupt natural systems and deplete the resources all life depends upon.

Meanwhile we're failing to meet the basic needs of billions of people around the world, and inequality continues to grow.

Where we go from here

30+ years of systems science tell us what has to change...

From science to action

Anatomy of the Benchmark

  • 1

    The methodology is grounded in a robust principles-based definition of a Future-Fit Society: one where waste does not exist, people have the opportunity and capacity to lead fulfilling lives, energy is renewable and available to all, and so on.

  • 2

    23 Break-Even Goals translate these principles into minimum performance thresholds which every business must strive to reach. In addition, 24 Positive Pursuits identify the full range of outcomes a business may deliver to help speed up society’s progress.

  • 3

    The Break-Even Goals are accompanied by a set of progress indicators, each expressed as a percentage. These are designed to help any business identify risks, set interim targets, prioritise actions, anticipate trade-offs, and track progress.

  • 4

    600+ pages of in-depth advice help decision makers across a business embed the Future-Fit methodology into their work. The guides cover a wide range topics, from establishing effective policies and identifying supply chain hotspots to circular product design.

Next steps

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