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Plant & Food Research

Plant & Food Research is committed to our mission of creating the world’s most sustainable food systems.

By finding smarter, greener options today, we’re helping secure the world we want to live in tomorrow. With our partners, we use world-leading science to improve the way they grow, fish, harvest, prepare and share food. Every day, we have 1,000 people working across Aotearoa New Zealand and the world to help deliver healthy foods from the world’s most sustainable systems.

We answer complex biological questions; we design innovative products and technologies; and we look over the horizon for new ways to grow a smart green future.

We acknowledge that we must improve our own operational sustainability by working to eliminate our direct negative impacts on society and the environment. During 2021/22, Plant & Food Research adopted the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to establish a baseline for our impacts and to guide the evaluation of our progress towards greater operational sustainability. Using the Benchmark, we have evaluated our performance across all 23 Break-Even Goals, indicating our ‘consumption’ of the six capitals as inputs to our business.

You can read about our Future-Fit commitments and priorities in our Statement of Corporate Intent 2022/23-2024/25.