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Regnan is a responsible investment leader with a long history of providing insights, advice, and innovative solutions for those who value their power as investors to be a force for good.

Our work with Future-Fit Foundation aims to support wider recognition of all the positive and negative impacts businesses can have. This will help investors and businesses to prioritize the most significant impacts instead of only those that happen to be topical, financially material, or offer readily comparable numerical reporting.

We are delighted to have found, in Future-Fit, a partner equally committed to a principled, systematic approach to sustainability. Data and disclosures are only meaningful in context. Future-Fit provides the contextual frame.

– Susheela Peres da Costa, Head of Advisory at Regnan

Regnan’s Global Equity Impact Solutions Fund, launched in 2020, integrates Future-Fit’s Break-Even Goals within its investment process, to systematize its analysis of businesses impacts on social and environmental stakeholders. This analysis informs engagement, helps portfolio companies progress towards future-fitness and provides a consistent framework against which businesses can be assessed.