Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact: +45 8934 8000
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Maersk is an integrated logistics company working to connect and simplify its customers’ supply chains.

Known for reliable, flexible and eco-efficient services, Maersk is the global leader in shipping services. Now operating in 130 countries, the company has been instrumental in driving growth and opportunity through connecting economies and communities for over a century. However, in extreme changing circumstances – global events, mega trends and broad societal change – Maersk recognises that to continue to facilitate global trade for the next 100 years, the company must adapt to fill this role in a more sustainable way.

The transport sector is responsible for 23% of global energy-related emissions. Maersk is tackling this issue head on by actively pushing for increased regulation of shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions and striving to decarbonize logistics by becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The company aims to unlock growth for society by leveraging the core strengths of its business to address such global challenges through unprecedented levels of innovation, investment and collaboration.

Maersk appreciates that it can’t pursue its carbon neutrality ambition at the expense of other critical issues, which is why the company partnered with the Future-Fit team in 2020 to stress-test its sustainability ambitions against the Break-Even Goals. Maersk’s feedback on the process was crucial in developing the Future-Fit “Health Check” approach, which is offered by many of our Accredited Advisors.