Location: Sydney, Australia
Contact: Email +61 2 9411 1764
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Enviroease Business Advisory

We aspire to become a Future-Fit Business because we believe that our long-term success is tied to the value we provide to society. That means we must eliminate all of the potential negative impacts associated with what we buy, what we sell, and what we do. In particular, many of our training, auditing and consulting services have necessitated air and car travel to client premises. Travel is an industry-wide challenge and we commit to doing all we can to eliminate it through virtual and remote service delivery. Electric vehicles will be used in cases where car travel cannot be eliminated and all carbon emissions will be offset.

In addition, we will seek to create positive impact wherever we can, to speed up society’s transition to future-fitness through our own actions and by assisting others on the journey.

We will continue to educate and build awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and provide one-on-one advisory and mentoring sessions for other businesses using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. We acknowledge that incremental improvement of the status quo isn’t enough, so we intend to transform the way we do things. We will lead by example and encourage other businesses to do the same.