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We recognize the crucial role every business must play in creating a Future-Fit Society – one that is environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive – and we are committed to playing our part. That’s why we aspire to become a Future-Fit Business.

In particular, we will identify where our business operations have or could have a negative impact, directly and indirectly, and take measures to reduce it. We will tackle carbon emissions in our value chain, work towards ever more circularity and less waste.

We will take care of our employees, service providers and partners in terms of physical and mental health, offer them maximum development opportunities and encourage lifelong learning.

For challenges where we have no direct impact, we will share our mission of becoming Future-Fit with stakeholders. In this way, we can also inspire and influence other companies to move towards future-fitness.

In addition, we will seek to create positive impact wherever we can, to speed up society’s transition to future-fitness through our own actions and by assisting others on the journey.

In particular, our mission is to generate positive impact by integrating a multitude of qualities in a good balance: energy efficiency, carbon neutrality over the life cycle of buildings, climate adaptation, circularity, inclusiveness, affordability, spatial efficiency and architectural quality. We have been pioneers in sustainable building since the foundation of our company.  We have never experienced the additional constraints that this challenge brings as a limiting factor on design freedom, but always as an opportunity to add value and as a new logic in the design process. This questioning, innovative and pioneering attitude has become our hallmark and distinctive strength. We believe that by generating this added value, we are also an example to others. “No method is more effective than a good example!”

We want to tell our story, not by greenwashing, but by measuring and communicating real impact, by developing and communicating knowledge and technological capabilities. In this way, we want our knowledge and experience to add value to the society in which we live. We think, we dare and we do.