Location: London, United Kingdom
Contact: Email +44 (0)20 3745 5570
Development Council

Tribe Impact Capital

Tribe Impact Capital focuses on aligning wealth stewardship and creation with their clients’ personal values.

Tribe’s approach to wealth management is based on a deeper understanding of true wealth: the condition of well-being, whether personal, professional, environmental, social or financial. Their goal is to deliver long-term positive impact and growth for clients, through support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Tribe believe in aligning with an investor’s personal values so that their wealth becomes an extension of who they are. By determining thematic areas of change the investor wishes to see, Tribe take a highly personalised approach to wealth management which goes beyond negative screening and ESG assessment, to look at the true impact of each investment within a portfolio. As part of Tribe’s commitment to achieving positive change, they’ve created their own impact vehicle which invests 20% of profits in and/or provides grants to high impact, scalable, mission-driven organisations. This profit allocation model allows Tribe to partner their capital with likeminded people, partners and programs around the world to drive change.

Future-Fit and Tribe have a continuous and open dialogue about the utility of Future-Fit data and reporting and how investors can use data as a means of evaluating companies.