News | 21st April 2020

Release 2.2 – What has Changed?

By Stephanie Williams

Since Release 2.1 in April 2019, we have been working with our growing ecosystem, and in particular our Expert Council, to refine and strengthen areas of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to ensure our guidance is closely aligned with the latest thinking and resources. This article summarizes key differences, with more detail available in the Future-Fit Business Benchmark: Release 2.2 Updates document.

Break-Even Goals

There is one Action Guide for each of the 23 Break-Even Goals, with each document offering specific guidance for practitioners working with, or inside companies, on how to transform business operations, procurement practices, and products in the pursuit of future-fitness.

Key changes in Release 2.2 incorporated into these Action Guides are as follows:

Positive Pursuit Guide

This document explains the kinds of activities that any business may undertake – above and beyond its pursuit of Break‑Even Goals – to speed up society’s transition to future-fitness.

Key changes in Release 2.2 are as follows:

Implementation Guide

This document offers supplementary guidance on how to begin pursuing future-fitness and how to assess, report on and assure progress.

The only change to note in regard to Release 2.2 is that the Implementation Guide now contains an additional section to help companies determine whether a particular negative impact is operational or product related.

You can download all the Release 2.2 documents here. As ever, we would love to hear your thoughts and questions about the latest updates, so please contact us or post your reflections in the associated Changemaker Community forum thread.

Stephanie Williams

A recent Oxford graduate, Stephanie supports the ongoing development of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and supporting tools.