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Lobbying and advocacy safeguard the pursuit of future-fitness

A Future-Fit Business never seeks to influence market dynamics in ways that may contribute to hindering society’s progress toward future-fitness.

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About this goal

Companies often seek to influence the markets within which they operate, by pressuring and persuading those with the power to change them.

This goal recognizes that any attempt to influence market dynamics in favour of the business must not in any way contribute to hindering progress toward future-fitness, in or beyond the company. For example, a Future-Fit company would never knowingly fund any organization that protests against more stringent toxic emissions laws.

The requirement here is not to proactively lobby or advocate in favour of Future-Fit outcomes, but rather to ensure that the company does not use its influence to undermine such outcomes. This includes any direct effort by the company to sway public opinion (e.g. consumer campaigns), and also extends to cover contributions (e.g. membership fees or donations) to any third party which may influence on the company’s behalf.

To be Future-Fit, a company must do two things:

  1. It must implement internal controls to ensure that the organization does not lobby or advocate against Future-Fit outcomes; and
  2. It must disclose details of the contributions it makes to third-party influencers.

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BE22: Lobbying and advocacy safeguard the pursuit of future-fitness