Topic: People

More people have access to economic opportunity

Every company must ensure its own employees are subject to fair employment terms and paid a living wage, to live up to the Break-Even Goals. Here we consider actions which go beyond this.

About this Positive Pursuit

People must have access to economic opportunities in order to meet their basic needs and pursue higher needs. This means that as a society we must continuously strive to ensure:

  • The opportunity to earn at least a living wage;
  • The right to fair working hours, leaving adequate time for rest and leisure;
  • The right for workers to form trade unions and engage in collective bargaining;
  • Access to livelihood opportunities which do not degrade the health of workers;
  • Ownership of economic rights to local land and natural resources;
  • Access to markets for small-scale producers; and
  • Stable income throughout the year (i.e. not just seasonal).

This Positive Pursuit encompasses any action which achieves such an outcome.

Why it’s needed

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