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Employees are subject to fair employment terms

A Future-Fit Business ensures that all its workers are treated fairly. Contracts between employer and employee afford individuals the basic protections, freedoms and rights expected in a prosperous and just society.

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About this goal

Employees who work reasonable hours, who feel secure in their employment, and who are afforded adequate time off are more likely to thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally – in and outside work.

This means that employees must have the right of association (e.g. the right to join – or refrain from joining – a union), the right to reasonable working hours, the right to leisure (e.g. holiday entitlements and overtime pay) and the right to parental leave.

To be Future-Fit a company must do four things:

  1. It must ensure the company does not use child labour;
  2. It must ensure employees’ freedom of association;
  3. It must structure contracts to include fair working hours; and
  4. It must accommodate appropriate periods of leave from work.

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BE12: Employees are subject to fair employment terms