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More people are healthy and safe from harm

Every company must safeguard the health of its employees, customers, and communities, to live up to the Break-Even Goals. Here we consider actions which go beyond this.

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About this Positive Pursuit

People must be healthy and safe from harm to ensure that they have the physical capacity to meet their basic needs and pursue higher needs.

This means that, as a society, we must continuously strive to ensure:

  • The prevention of premature deaths and illnesses;
  • The prevention of exploitation and abuse;
  • The prevention of mental health issues;
  • Access to nutritious food, and an end to malnutrition;
  • Access to clean water and sanitation;
  • Access to adequate housing;
  • Access to healthcare, including reproductive healthcare services; and
  • The prevention of slavery and forced labour.

This Positive Pursuit encompasses any action which achieves such an outcome.

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PP16: More people are healthy and safe from harm