Topic: Pollution

Products do not harm people or the environment

A Future-Fit Business ensures all of the products it offers are completely benign to people and nature, both during use and (in the case of physical goods) as a result of their post-use processing.

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About this goal

Although almost any kind of product could be misused, the focus here is on harm caused as a result of a product’s intended use.

In terms of physical goods, this includes products that are designed to cause harm – such as lethal weapons.

It also includes any goods that cause harm as an unavoidable consequence of their intended use – either because they physically degrade the environment, or because they contain substances which can harm people, organisms, or ecosystems.

These requirements cover both final products, and interim goods which are incorporated or processed into final products by other companies.

This goal also covers service products that may cause harm – for example, by not adequately protecting customers’ privacy.

Services are also considered harmful if they encourage behaviours that hamper society’s progress to future-fitness – such as news services with a consistent editorial bias against established climate science.

To be Future-Fit, a company must ensure that the goods and services it provides to others are not likely to cause harm to people or the environment through their use and (in the case of physical goods) at their end of life.

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BE17: Products do not harm people or the environment