Topic: Pollution

Products do not harm people or the environment

A Future-Fit Business ensures all of the products it offers are completely benign to people and nature, both during use and (in the case of physical goods) as a result of their post-use processing.

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About this goal

Although many goods and services could be used in ways that harm people or the environment, the focus here is on three areas: those which are intended to cause harm; those whose use could reasonably be expected to result in harm; and those which instil or reinforce behaviours that undermine society’s progress to future-fitness.

A Future-Fit company ensures that any goods and services it provides, when used as intended, do not lead to environmental degradation, ecosystem disruption, or negative impacts on people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

With respect to physical goods, this goal encompasses sold and leased goods, as well as any other items provided to others in support of commercial activities, but which the company does not consider to be revenue-generating. It covers both final end-user products, and intermediate goods which are incorporated or processed into final products by other companies.

To be Future-Fit, a company must ensure that the goods and services it provides to others are not likely to cause harm to people or the environment through their use and (in the case of physical goods) at their end of life.

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BE17: Products do not harm people or the environment