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Richard Maggs

Richard Maggs is Head of Environment & Sustainability in Bureau Veritas UK, a global testing, inspection and certification business putting sustainability at the heart its offering.  

Richard specialises in local environmental quality with particular focus on air pollution. He gained his PhD in air pollution impacts from Imperial College in 1996 which focused on crop loss in peri-urban areas of Lahore in Pakistan, and the setting up of cost-effective air pollution monitoring networks for the Punjab EPA. As a Research Associate at Imperial College he worked on a diverse range of projects covering personal exposure to air pollution; critical loads for ecosystems and respiratory impacts of diesel particulates in conjunction with the National Heart & Lung Institute.  In 1998 he joined commercial practice where he has been the business unit manager for the UK air quality practice of Bureau Veritas and is Project Director for nationally important contracts for evidencing air pollution concentrations and compliance, which include the UK air quality compliance network and the Urban NO2 network, as well as the national helpdesk for provision of guidance to local authorities under the UK local air quality management regime. He has been an expert witness in planning inquiries and is an ex-officio member of the UK Air Quality Expert Group.

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