Topic: Natural Resources

Others depend less on inadequately-managed natural resources

Every company must ensure that any natural resources it obtains itself are managed responsibly, to live up to the Break-Even Goals. Here we consider actions which go beyond this.

About this Positive Pursuit

The majority of the world’s natural resources are managed in ways that undermine people’s wellbeing or disrupt the environment. This means that goods and services offered all over the world are premised on inadequately-managed natural resources.

People’s reliance on inadequately-managed natural resources is reduced when:

  • More responsibly-managed natural resources are harvested, mined or extracted to increase the amount available to others;
  • A natural resource which was being produced in a disruptive way is transformed to be responsibly-managed; or
  • Less natural resource is required to serve the same needs.

This Positive Pursuit encompasses any action which achieves such an outcome.

Why it’s needed

SDGs this will contribute to