News | 18th December 2023

September ’23 Newsletter

By Alisa Smirnova

Future-Fit Programs

Accredited Advisors

The Accredited Advisor program was relaunched in July 2023. We’ve had an amazing amount of support from existing and new Accredited Advisors who have joined the community. Over the past 2 months we’ve been busy meeting many of you to discuss what the program entails and what our plans are for the future.

Being an Accredited Advisor lets you:

  • Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to convince clients that you can guide them to success in the years ahead.
  • Help clients see how future-fitness links to core business strategy, to add value for people beyond the CSR team.
  • Assess whether your clients’ commitments and actions are sufficiently ambitious, and highlight where more attention is needed.

For more information please review the Accredited Advisor brochure or if you would like to book an introductory call please email

System Changers

Previously known as Pioneers, the Future-Fit System Changer program is designed to enable companies to respond to today’s biggest challenges by transforming their business models and flourishing within societal and planetary boundaries.

We’ve recently been contacting all existing System Changers to introduce them to our new 3-step program. The new program will allow us to grow our community even further, reflecting this on our website. Every company that has certified as either Engaged, Embedded or System Changer will be added to a designated page and moved between tiers as they gradually move toward publicly committing to being Future-Fit.

For more information please see the System Changer brochure. Are you working with a company who you think already qualifies to certify as one of the steps? Get in touch –

Proficiency Test

To be an Accredited Advisor, everyone needs to pass all 4 modules of the Future-Fit Proficiency Test.

  • Module 1 focuses on the Methodology Guide, Implementation Guide, and SDGs.
  • Module 2 focuses on Business Input and Activity Break-Even Goals.
  • Module 3 focuses on Employee and Citizenship Break-Even Goals.
  • Module 4 focuses on Product Break-Even Goals and Positive Pursuits.

The Proficiency Test Guidance provides practical information and an overview of the test. If you are thinking about taking the test please email to discuss next steps.

Asia-Pacific Alliance

August saw the official launch of the Future-Fit Asia-Pacific Alliance with Martin visiting our partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. The trip was a great success and we’re incredibly excited about the growth potential of the Future-Fit community across the region.

The Alliance is a way to draw all our partners together across the region to learn from and help each other, identify common challenges and solutions, and develop a localised vision for Future-Fit implementation. Accredited Advisors in each country are stepping forward to lead locally (more still needed!), with ESG Matters in Hong Kong providing overall leadership in coordination with Future-Fit. As always we’re learning as we go, but we hope this will provide a template for regional cooperation that we can replicate around the world.

Taken at the ESG Matters x Bowtie Life Insurance Company event in August 2023.

Alisa Smirnova