News | 18th December 2023

End of year ’23 Newsletter

By Alisa Smirnova

What an extraordinary year it has been for Future-Fit – from the lows of 2022 to the joy of a reborn, vibrant and dynamic global community! We’re thrilled to have welcomed numerous Accredited Advisors (old and new) into our revitalized program and seen the Changemaker Community swell to well over 1,000 members. So many friends also means we’ve been able to do a lot of listening, making sure we identify the core values of our programs and explore the right avenues for enhancement.

Next year will see the full launch of the System Changer program (previously ‘Pioneers’) for companies. You will hear much more about this early in 2024 and we hope that many of you will participate as it presents an excellent opportunity for consultants and businesses to unite, grow the global Future-Fit community, and turbo-charge our collective impact.

As we take a deep breath and look back, we want to thank you all for your commitment, energy and support. 2023 was good, but 2024 will be even better. We have many exciting projects in the pipeline and we can’t wait to dive in and have all of you along for the journey!

Webinar highlights

1. Welcome Back

Our ‘Welcome Back’ webinar saw Martin Rich, Future-Fit’s Co-founder & CEO, give us a recap on the story so far, our plans for the future, and how you can get involved.

2. Sustainable Business Coach Launch

Life Moments, the creators of the Coach, explained the functionality of this fabulous tool and were joined by guest speakers from Virgin Money and Aviva to describe how they have adopted it.

3. Viessmann: A Masterclass in Sustainability Strategy

Viessmann’s Jessica Osikominu and Andreas Wade delved into their successful use of the Future-Fit framework, the Benchmark’s specific utility in goal-setting, and how they secured management approval for a radical sustainability strategy. A true masterclass in every sense.

4. Positive Pursuits: Sustainable Business Innovation

Christian and Karin articulated their approach to business innovation and beautifully captured the essence of Positive Pursuits –‘Positive Pursuits are indicators for new business opportunities with the potential of generating sustainable value.’

All of the webinar recordings can be found in Changemaker Community in the ‘Events’ tab in the left hand panel, and then under ‘Past’ events. The recordings are in the body of the text of each webinar.

Asia-Pacific Alliance

In August we are delighted to launch the Future-Fit Asia-Pacific Alliance, spearheaded by ESG Matters in Hong Kong. This strategic partnership is designed to foster the growth of the Future-Fit community across the Asia-Pacific region, facilitating mutual support, learning and regional accessibility. This ground-breaking alliance is the first of its kind and we aspire to replicate its success in other regions very soon.

Looking ahead

Upcoming webinars

We  have an exciting list of webinars lined up for next year, including:

  • Antony Edwards from the Flourishing Business Canvas
  • Roger Robson-Williams from Plant & Food Research in New Zealand
  • Rylan Dobson from WWF focussing on the critical topic of water

CSRD white paper

This white paper will show how the Future-Fit methodology can assist companies with their CSRD reporting requirements. A small working party is currently writing the initial draft which will be made available for comment and feedback early in the new year, targeting publication late Q1 / early Q2. We will notify all those who have expressed interest in providing feedback.

System Changer program

The official System Changer roll out will commence early in the new year with a dedicated workshop. This will cover the 3 steps of the program – Engaged, Embedded and System Changer – and show what you can do to help companies along each step of the journey. Please keep an eye out for workshop details in the community.

We wish you a fantastic end to the year and look forward to reconnecting in 2024!

Alisa Smirnova