News | 11th March 2024

March ’24 Newsletter

By Alisa Smirnova

During the initial two months of 2024, our focus has been on assisting consultants as they become Accredited Advisors and discussing participation in the System Changer program with interested companies. We’ve also been working on creating a new learning module that explores systems thinking. Stay tuned for further announcements and updates!

System Changer Program Launch

In February we held a webinar to formally introduce the System Changer program for companies using the Business Benchmark. We’ve already welcomed several System Changers at various levels into the program, and you can explore their profiles here.

If your company is interested in the program or if you’re a consultant working with a potential System Changer using Future-Fit, please reach out to for further details.

Details can be found on our website and the webinar recording can be found here.

Changemaker Community Updates

We’ve dedicated ourselves to enhancing our community space, aiming to provide improved access to resources and foster interactions among members across different topics and spaces. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we eagerly welcome any suggestions for additional spaces that could benefit the community.

1. Flourishing Business Canvas

In January, Antony Upward from Flourishing Business Co-lab hosted a webinar discussing the Flourishing Business Canvas and its integration with Future-Fit. After the webinar, we established a special area in the community dedicated to the Flourishing Business Canvas, where Antony oversees discussions. By joining this space, you’ll have the opportunity to directly ask Antony questions about the canvas and stay informed about upcoming events and collaborations.

The webinar recording can be found here.

2. Future-Fit Case Studies

In order to demonstrate the diversity of companies currently employing Future-Fit, we have created a case studies document. These case studies have also been updated on our website and added to the Changemaker Community for your convenience.

Case studies serve as an effective means to showcase to your clients which other companies in their industry are utilizing Future-Fit and how they are doing so. We are confident that there are numerous others leveraging the framework, so if your company or client is currently using Future-Fit in any capacity, please inform us and we would be delighted to include them in our case studies.

3. Version 3.0 Feedback

You may have noticed that we’ve introduced a new section in the community called v3.0 feedback. We recognize the need to continuously update the benchmark, and we’re eager to begin work on version 3.0 at the earliest opportunity.

Many of you have shown interest in providing feedback on the current framework, specifically where you see gaps and opportunity for improvement. We encourage you all to post in the feedback space and let us know your thoughts and ideas on how the Benchmark can be improved and what areas we should be focusing on. If you would like more information please reach out to

The Power of Purpose

In February Martin participated in a leadership training course to explore the Power of Purpose and meet the leadership of the amazing Aravind Eye Care System organization in Tamil Nadu, India.

It was an incredible experience, but it also made us realize that Future-Fit has never had written a purpose statement. So we came up with this:

Future-Fit Foundation’s purpose is to enable every organization in the world to become truly sustainable.

Simple and to the point. What do you all think?

Thank you all for your continued support!
Alisa Smirnova