News | 6th May 2019

Building Partnerships, Driving Change

By Alicia Ayars

Why Accredited Partners?

If we are to transition to an economically inclusive, socially just and environmentally restorative future, we must equip all market actors to pursue, recognize and reward the right kinds of action.

This is of course where the Future-Fit Business Benchmark comes in. But even with the right tools the journey to future-fitness will be challenging, and many companies and investors will need support along the way, in areas ranging from strategic goal setting to data assurance. That’s why a few months ago we announced our plans to foster an ecosystem of Future-Fit Accredited Partners: world-class service and solution providers capable of providing that support.

Introducing our first Accredited Partners

Today we’re delighted to announce our first eight Accredited Partners from across the globe:

From assurance providers to strategy advisors, from multinationals to boutique consultancies, these organisations are leading the way in helping us accelerate the transition to a Future-Fit Society.

“We have chosen to work with the Future-Fit Business Benchmark because it is the first system we have encountered that both defines true sustainability, and turns the systemic issues of sustainability into a value-adding tool for companies. It is practical, ambitious and helps our clients make meaningful decisions on business and impacts, instead of just writing more reports.” – Sven Beyersdorff, Nordic Sustainability

Why become an Accredited Partner?

If you are a business service or solution partner, they are three key reasons why you may wish to incorporate the Future-Fit approach into your offerings:

  • To become a trusted guide by arming yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to convince clients that you can guide them to success in the years ahead.
  • To get leadership attention by helping your clients see how extra-financial performance links to core business strategy, to add value for people beyond the CSR team.
  • To push clients to do more by assessing whether their commitments and actions are sufficiently ambitious, and highlighting where more attention is needed.

One of our core services is collaborating with clients to set sustainability strategies and impactful goals to support them. We’ve chosen to partner with Future-Fit because we believe we can bring even greater value to our clients through the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. This is one more important way we can ensure our clients are delivering on value creation for the long-term. – Denise Delaney, SustainAbility

How to become an Accredited Partner

The route to partnership is straightforward, though it does require time and dedication. Candidate organizations must have at least one advisor take and pass the Future-Fit Proficiency Test, submit three client references, and pay a modest annual fee. Further information can be found here and you can contact us if you have any questions.

Each of our first eight Accredited Partners has seen this investment as an opportunity to enhance and diversify their core offerings in a highly competitive environment. They’re working at the forefront of the sustainable business agenda, offering services and solutions to a growing movement of businesses seeking to understand and embody what true leadership means in the 21st Century. If you’re interested in becoming an Accredited Partner, please get in touch.

Alicia Ayars Ecosystem Manager

Alicia is an environmental scientist by training, with extensive experience in consulting and the development of sustainable business strategies.