Location: Tokyo, Japan
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Accredited Advisor

Business Consultants, Inc.

BCon focuses on solutions tailored to different businesses, histories, organizational cultures and people’s values, depending on the customer. We inquire into the various things that are happening inside businesses, using the theory and technology we have gained over 50 years of history to transform, in other words, motivate individuals. We can support how to move people and organizations.

As an “Innovation Producer” that supports the transformation of people and organizations , BCon recognizes the essence of the issues and proposes the best solution for the issues of the organization of one hundred companies.


Services and Solutions

  • Business Strategy
  • Goal & Target Setting
  • Reporting
  • Employee Training

Accredited Individuals

Ms. Saori Hirose R&D Manager, The Natural Step Certified Trainer
Mr. Takashi Kasai Sustainability Fellow,The Natural Step Certified Master Trainer
Mr. Yasunari Naitoh Consultant, The Natural Step Certified Trainer

Do you offer services or solutions that could help businesses become Future-Fit?

Any consultant can use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark without restriction. But some advisors want to give clients the confidence that they really understand how to apply the Future‑Fit approach, which is why we created our optional Accredited Advisor program. If you’d like to find out more please get in touch.