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Others cause less damage to areas of high social or cultural value

Every company must avoid encroaching on areas of high social or cultural value, to live up to the Break-Even Goals. Here we consider actions which go beyond this.

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About this Positive Pursuit

A significant number of designated cultural World Heritage Sites are under threat. In many cases, these important examples of human creative genius, cultural traditions, outstanding architecture or settlements are being damaged by human activities.

Furthermore, growing demand for land has increased the practice of land grabbing: large-scale land acquisitions made by nations, investors and businesses, often in areas with weak governance structures that allow land to be secured quickly and cheaply. This is putting the health and livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest communities at risk.

Others cause less damage to areas of social and cultural value when:

  • Areas of social or cultural importance are protected; or
  • Land grabbing practices are avoided by establishing people’s traditional or customary rights to use, manage and control land, fisheries and forests.

This Positive Pursuit encompasses any action which achieves such an outcome.

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PP14: Others cause less damage to areas of high social or cultural value