News | 1st July 2019

Calling all Advisors

By Alicia Ayars

If we are to transition to an environmentally restorative, socially just, and economically inclusive future, we must equip all market actors to pursue, recognize and reward the right kinds of action.

You may have heard this message from us before, but we can’t say it often enough…

So how do we start the transition?

For Future-Fit this means not only mobilizing companies and investors through knowledge of how to change society’s current trajectory, but also training the service providers who aid their strategic planning. By empowering advisors to drive change across the organizations they work with, they will be able to provide the support necessary to help businesses truly embed the Future-Fit Business Benchmark into their core strategy.

In order to truly harness the collective thought leadership and experience of these global service providers we officially launched our Accredited Partners program in January of this year, with the first partners announced in May. And as this program grows, we continue to seek working relationships with organizations ready to embed the Future-Fit approach into their services.

What are the benefits of becoming a Partner?

The primary benefit is intended to be more business for you. We are constantly receiving requests for help from companies around the world, all seeking assistance in applying the Benchmark to their business – and we want to equip you to respond. By becoming a Future-Fit Accredited Partner, you will be in pole position to react to these requests and to those of your existing clients.

In practical terms, the tangible benefits of becoming an Accredited Partner include your company profile on the Future-Fit website, the use of the Future-Fit Accredited Partner logo, access to our Changemaker Community and online forum, and the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Future-Fit team.

If you’re not ready to become an Accredited Partner just yet, we also offer partnerships through our Certified Professional program. This route offers similar benefits and is designed for sole traders and those curious about testing the Future-Fit waters.

Of course, while we’ve identified specific benefits to working with Future-Fit Foundation we believe the intangible benefits of integrating the Business Benchmark into your services are endless. Given the necessity to provide new and compelling service offerings in a highly competitive environment, the Benchmark provides a clean slate upon which to develop new tools and resources that will truly set you apart from your competitors. (See our recent blog on why this beats offering yet another materiality assessment as an example.)

Your route to partnership

If you’re curious and think this might be an investment worth making, please get in touch to discuss how our partnership program can offer you the chance to boost your current service offerings and set yourself apart from the competition. We’re confident you’ll be glad you did.

Alicia Ayars Ecosystem Manager

Alicia is an environmental scientist by training, with extensive experience in consulting and the development of sustainable business strategies.