News | 23rd July 2018

Tools for Companies and Investors Seeking to Create Long-Term Value

By Alicia Ayars

Addenda Capital, one of Canada’s largest multi-asset investment firms, recently published the report Tools for Companies and Investors Seeking to Create Long-Term Value, focusing on how Future-Fit and the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) are two organizations seeking to help investors gain a better understanding of ESG-related business risks and opportunities.

“Future-Fit demonstrates the need to shift away from focusing solely on shareholder value and provides a framework through which companies can address business, environment and society in such a way that all three flourish and generate system value. SASB Standards complement the Future-Fit framework by helping with communications on issues driving value creation,” says Brian Minns, Vice-President, Sustainable Investing at Addenda Capital 

The report shows the complementarity of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and the SASB Standards, and highlights how companies and investors can use the frameworks in conjunction with one another.

  • Companies are encouraged to disclose financially material ESG information by using the SASB standards, and to use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to both provide clear, science-based ESG targets to incorporate into their strategic plans and to guide, manage and assess their progress over time.
  • Investors can use SASB to identify material ESG information for incorporation into their investment processes, while Future-Fit helps to identify how (or if) companies will be able to create long-term value for investors and society.

The report is available to download on the Addenda website and via the link above.

Alicia Ayars Ecosystem Manager

Alicia is an environmental scientist by training, with extensive experience in consulting and the development of sustainable business strategies.

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