News | 23rd July 2018

Tools for Companies and Investors Seeking to Create Long-Term Value

By Future-Fit

Addenda Capital, one of Canada’s largest multi-asset investment firms, recently published the report Tools for Companies and Investors Seeking to Create Long-Term Value, focusing on how Future-Fit and the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) are two organizations seeking to help investors gain a better understanding of ESG-related business risks and opportunities.

“Future-Fit demonstrates the need to shift away from focusing solely on shareholder value and provides a framework through which companies can address business, environment and society in such a way that all three flourish and generate system value. SASB Standards complement the Future-Fit framework by helping with communications on issues driving value creation,” says Brian Minns, Vice-President, Sustainable Investing at Addenda Capital 

The report shows the complementarity of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and the SASB Standards, and highlights how companies and investors can use the frameworks in conjunction with one another.

  • Companies are encouraged to disclose financially material ESG information by using the SASB standards, and to use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to both provide clear, science-based ESG targets to incorporate into their strategic plans and to guide, manage and assess their progress over time.
  • Investors can use SASB to identify material ESG information for incorporation into their investment processes, while Future-Fit helps to identify how (or if) companies will be able to create long-term value for investors and society.

The report is available to download on the Addenda website and via the link above.


Future-Fit is the developer, promoter and steward of the Future-Fit methodology.