News | 13th October 2020

Regnan joins the Development Council

By Future-Fit

Responsible investment leader Regnan joins the Future-Fit Development Council, leading the way for the investment community to move beyond an incremental approach to tackling environmental and social issues.

Regnan, a leader in responsible investment, has joined the Future-Fit Development Council in a partnership aimed at building a more holistic understanding of responsible, sustainable business across the investment industry.

The Future-Fit Development Council is a select group of businesses which have demonstrated commitment to the principles of responsible, sustainable business, and to supporting the Future-Fit Foundation in its efforts to advance these.

Future-Fit’s methodology clearly identifies both the positive and negative impact businesses can have on environmental and social sustainability, and so provides a consistent framework against which businesses can be assessed by their managers, investors or other stakeholders.  Importantly, this approach is independent of any financial materiality lens.

The partnership with Regnan enables Future-Fit to work more closely with the global investment community, to understand how its independent, free-to-use tools support investors in their evaluation of business.

Regnan’s Global Equity Impact Solutions Fund has integrated Future-Fit’s Break-Even Goals into their investment process, in order to better analyse how businesses are treating their environmental and societal stakeholders.

Statement from Regnan:

Susheela Peres da Costa, Head of Advisory at Regnan said, “We are delighted to have found, in Future-Fit, a partner equally committed to a principled, systematic approach to sustainability. Data and disclosures are only meaningful in context. Future-Fit provides the contextual frame.”

Statement from Future-Fit:

Martin Rich, Future-Fit co-founder, said “We are delighted to be embarking on this partnership with Regnan, a true global leader in the responsible investment market. Regnan’s longstanding commitment and experience mean the team truly understands the need of investors to evaluate business sustainability holistically and the value of Future-Fit’s systems-based approach to this critical work.”


Future-Fit is the developer, promoter and steward of the Future-Fit methodology.