News | 6th August 2019

Purpose & Value in Investment – Webinar

By Future-Fit

Dr. Geoff Kendall recently contributed to a conversation focusing on value creation in the investment industry, diving into the key challenges facing investors as they seek to understand the changing nature of financial management.

“We can see more and more investment organisations who are, either explicitly or implicitly, acting in ways that demonstrate they are concerned beyond more than the traditional agenda of generating financial returns….[They] are looking at ways of engaging with or demonstrating a connection with other concerns and other interests that their members have.” – Rob Lake, Founder – Authentic Investor

The first portion of the webinar focused on the purpose of the investment industry with panellists discussing the role of investors in society, how this role will need to evolve over the next 5-10 years, and the sustainable development goals in defining societal goals.

Panellists then turned their attention to creating value, addressing whether the investment industry adequately meets the needs and expectations of the end saver, wider society, and the environment. Highlights include insights into how organisations can improve their value proposition to stakeholders and whether fiduciary responsibility, as currently defined, narrows the perspective of organisations into considering financial (vs extra-financial) only metrics.

Participants then delved into measuring value creation, focusing on how can we better assess the value that investment organisations add to wider society and the environment. The conversation turned to the kinds of information investors need to ensure they are equipped to make the best decisions, and how to align financial goals while having positive impacts on wider society and the environment.

“People not only manage what the can measure, but they also only tend to manage what they do measure…Investors are realising that generating returns while creating systemic risk doesn’t add value in the long term. We [Future-Fit Foundation] like to think in terms of enduring value – value that is going to last” – Dr Geoff Kendall – CEO & Co-founder, Future-Fit Foundation.

To close the webinar panellists shared their thoughts on what investment professionals can do to drive change and create value. Discussion focused on the traits of a purpose driven investment professional, and how leadership can build a stronger culture that focuses on a better value proposition for all stakeholders.

A video recording is available through the Thinking Ahead Institute’s website.


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