Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Martin Rich

Martin is a sustainability and impact investment specialist, with over 25 years experience in both mainstream and impact finance.

Martin’s career started in international investment banking, working for 13 years on structured debt and derivative products for JP Morgan, HSBC and UBS. He then transitioned into social impact investment, spending 7 years as Sales Director at Social Finance Ltd. These experiences led him to realise the need for a standardised global mechanism for understanding the total impact of any investment portfolio on society and the planet. He then discovered that discussing ideas like this with a stranger in a coffee queue can lead to one unexpectedly quitting a well-paid job and co-founding a non-profit to create the solution…

Martin is also a Non-Exec Director and Chair of the Endowment Investment Committee of Access Foundation, and a member of assorted investment/advisory committees for WHEB Asset Management, North Star Transition and, formerly, the Asset Allocation Working Group of the G7 Social Investment Task Force.

Martin holds a double-Masters in Engineering from Queens’ College, Cambridge.

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