News | 9th March 2022

Monthly Resource Update – March 2022

By Alicia Ayars

Every month we look across the sector, to identify resources and reports that assist in the application of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

In this round-up of third-party resources for the month of March, we are taking a look at Forum for the Future’s Compass for Just and Regenerative Business, Issue Snapshots from the Embedding Project, and the Rethinking Humanity video series by RethinkX.

A Compass for Just and Regenerative Business – Forum for the Future

Published at the end of 2021, the Compass for Just and Regenerative Business report outlines the business imperative to shape a just and regenerative future. It also provides more detailed guidance around the critical shifts needed across key sustainable development issues and business functions. This detailed guidance aims to bridge the gap between inspiring visions or theoretical frameworks and the tangible, practical implications for specific business functions or a company’s approach to key sustainable development issues.

While this piece does not offer details on how to make progress against specific Break-Even Goals it is as useful as a resource alongside the Business Benchmark for anyone seeking to persuade colleagues of the need for business change. Furthermore, the ambition behind the thought leadership is a useful input when completing a Health Check or running a Risk Profile assessment.

Issue Snapshots – Embedding Project

Launched by The Embedding Project, Issue Snapshots highlights a selection of what it considers to be the most relevant resources and tools to help sustainability practitioners better understand and address a wide range of key sustainability issues. The resource is broken down into high-level categories, from rights and wellbeing at work, materials and waste, and pollutants through to water and climate. Specific issues are highlighted within each of these categories, to lead visitors directly towards the support they are after. And most importantly, the tool is a work in progress, with new resources being added on a regular basis, meaning the best available curation of tools, and supporting documents.

This comprehensive resource provides a great starting point to inform an approach across the full Business Benchmark, including both the Break-Even Goals and the Positive Pursuits.

Rethinking Humanity – RethinkX

The Rethinking Humanity video takes viewers on a tour of the rise and fall of civilizations through a powerful lens that seeks to make sense of the past, so that we can step into the present and create our future. During the 2020s, key technologies will converge to completely disrupt the five foundational sectors that underpin civilization, and with them every major industry in the world today. In information, energy, food, transportation, and materials, costs will fall by 10x or more, while production processes an order of magnitude more efficient will use 90% fewer natural resources with 10x-100x less waste. The knock-on effects for society will be as profound as the extraordinary possibilities that emerge.

While Rethinking Humanity is pitched at a systemic level, the themes are relevant across the Break-Even Goals as the Business Benchmark is built upon a systems approach. In addition, if companies are looking to bring to market or accelerate solutions which go above and beyond reaching Break-Even, such as autonomous transport or precision fermentation, these can be articulated using the Positive Pursuits.

Alicia Ayars Ecosystem Manager

Alicia is an environmental scientist by training, with extensive experience in consulting and the development of sustainable business strategies.