News | 20th August 2019

Join the Future-Fit Movement Today

By Stephanie Williams

Our current economic system, premised on a “take now, think later” approach, has degraded Earth’s natural processes and caused an ever-increasing divide between the haves and have-nots. By pursuing future-fitness we can reverse these trends, but we need to work together to change the system.

Whether you are a business leader, an employee, an investor, an advisor, a student or simply a concerned citizen, you have a part to play in the transition to a Future-Fit Society. To support your efforts as you seek to drive this shift in the global economy we are launching the Changemaker Community, an online space to facilitate learning, engagement and discussion between individuals who are committed to bringing about global system change.

The Changemaker Community, launching on the 17th of September, will be open to anyone who would like to learn more about future-fitness and its applications. While you may be wondering if it makes sense join, we have designed the platform as a useful tool for anyone that wants to engage with the Benchmark, including:

  • Service providers who wish to learn more about the Benchmark before committing to the Future-Fit Proficiency Test and becoming a Certified Professional;
  • Company employees who are keen to implement the Benchmark within their business, but who need to understand the implications before bringing it to their bosses;
  • Students who are interested in incorporating Future-Fit into their research and coursework; and
  • Individuals with a general interest in sustainable business, regardless of their field.

Why should you join the Changemaker Community?

The Changemaker Community will offer a range of benefits to users. Principally, it will provide the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the Benchmark through several different tracks. Members will be able to access tailored videos which, among other things, will provide additional guidance concerning how to apply the Break-Even Goals and Positive Pursuits in practice – delving into both the systems science and Progress Indicators. These resources will be supplemented by member-only tools, like the Future-Fit Health Check, which are designed to facilitate practical application of the Benchmark.

The online platform will also open communication channels between the Future-Fit team, experts, and those already engaging with the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. We will host live webinars, including interviews with issue specialists, in-depth discussions around implementing the Benchmark with members of our Development Council, and Q&A sessions with the Future-Fit Team. In addition, our community forum will provide a space for interactive discussions on wide-ranging topics between members. We hope to foster a vibrant ecosystem where people can ask others for advice and opinions, as they navigate their path to future-fitness.

Most importantly, the Changemaker Community will enable members to be at the heart of the Benchmark’s development. We are always updating and improving the guidance offered in line with leading science, as well as developing tools to ease the use of the Benchmark itself. We will be turning to the Changemaker Community for feedback and opinions on these changes, giving members the opportunity to help co-evolve the tools. This, coupled with pre-release updates, means that members will always be at the forefront of Benchmark development.

Register your interest

On September 17th you’ll be able to officially become a Changemaker, but why not register your interest in advance? Its quick and easy to do so, and you’ll be among the first to know when the Community goes live. We look forward to seeing our ecosystem of Changemakers grow and hope to see you in there!

Stephanie Williams

A recent Oxford graduate, Stephanie supports the ongoing development of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and supporting tools.