News | 17th June 2020

Is your SDG Response Defensive, Selective or Holistic?

By Dr Geoff Kendall

Take a minute to scan your last sustainability report’s CEO statement, and to peel back the glossy SDG infographics. Can you say, hand on heart, that your company’s current SDG response really is creating system-wide value?

The Future-Fit team has examined hundreds of sustainability reports over the past few years, and we’ve found that business responses to the SDGs typically follow one of three patterns: Defensive, Selective or Holistic.

Read our follow-up article in Sustainable Brands to learn more about how companies can understand their response to the SDGs, and how the Future-Fit Business Benchmark helps them to respond holistically. If you missed the first article, you can find it here.

Dr Geoff Kendall Co-Founder & CEO

Geoff is an entrepreneur whose experience spans sustainability consulting, high-tech startups, corporate communications and academic research.

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