News | 29th November 2019

How Future-Fit Helped Nordic Sustainability Turn its Purpose into Action

By Sven Beyersdorff

Nordic Sustainability is a value-based consultancy firm working at the intersection of strategy and sustainability. Based on a deep acknowledgment of the systemic change necessary in our society, the company’s purpose is to help public and private sector organizations make better decisions and transform their activities.

As one of the earliest Accredited Partners, Nordic Sustainability was the first consultancy to provide a full Future-Fit assessment, carried out for a large multinational company active in over 100 countries.

Future-Fit has provided Nordic Sustainability with a hands-on tool to turn our purpose into action. In our work with the framework, we can see how helpful it is to broaden sustainability thinking with a client which inevitably leads to higher ambition – and happier clients.

Sven Beyersdorff, Partner at Nordic Sustainability

Future-Fit helps companies understand and address
challenges ahead

Nordic Sustainability sees the framework as a way to operationalize the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to provide better ESG data to investors. Along with governments around the world working toward achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement to set us on a 1.5 degree course, companies should be expected to live up to the same goals and standards. As global society is becoming increasingly aware of the climate crisis, and with its consequences unfolding before our eyes (wildfires in Australia, beloved mammals facing extinction due to deforestation), all actors will increasingly be held accountable.

Sustainability will become part of a company’s ‘license to operate’, and Future-Fit is, for us, the best framework at the moment for companies to ensure they are prepared for this shift.

Morten Jastrup, Partner at Nordic Sustainability

In using the Benchmark for consulting, Nordic Sustainability has seen first hand the potential of the framework for facilitating prioritization and decision-making processes. As a side-effect, Nordic Sustainability has also seen the positive impact the framework has on employee engagement.

We experience employees that are thrilled to know they are reducing a slew of risks to both their business and the planet. This gets everyone on board.

Pernille Jaegerfelt Mouritsen, Project Manager at Nordic Sustainability

Helping clients to operationalize the Benchmark

Nordic Sustainability is continuously working with the Benchmark and is currently undertaking its second Future-Fit assessment for another company. These assessments were part of larger strategy initiatives for both companies and directly informed internal thinking and prioritization efforts. After completing the first, wider involvement of the organization’s management was key in ensuring the results were interpreted in the right way by stakeholders that understood the framework.

By conducting these assessments in a rather short time frame, we were able to use them as a basis for strategic and prioritization discussions. We have seen how useful the Benchmark is, even for companies that have not traditionally worked a lot with sustainability.

Esben Lanthén, Partner at Nordic Sustainability

Future-Fit has helped drive Nordic Sustainability’s
strategy and ambition

Future-Fit has helped Nordic Sustainability to set a path forward for companies taking action on science-based targets, with the ambition of becoming truly sustainable. The idea of a company not only causing no harm, but also improving the conditions for society and ecosystems is both an extremely complex and ambitious aim. However, Future-Fit provides a methodology for Nordic Sustainability to work with companies and get them started on this journey. As such, Future-Fit offers an alternative that goes above and beyond other measures of sustainability, such as ESG and CSR reporting.

Corporate strategy in our view should a) be rooted in science-based targets and take a systems perspective, b) be at the core of business activities and integrated across the board, and c) discuss both positive and negative impacts. This is where the Future-Fit methodology is so helpful.

Sven Beyersdorff, Partner at Nordic Sustainability

Sven Beyersdorff

Sven drives Nordic Sustainability's strategy services, based on Future-Fit, SDG integration, and other frameworks. He is an experienced management consultant, having worked with some of the largest European companies such as Maersk, Nykredit, Commerzbank, RWE, ThyssenKrupp and Osram.