News | 1st May 2016

Giles Hutchins’ new book aligned with Future‑Fitness

By Future-Fit

Sustainability author and consultant Giles Hutchins, whose previous books include The Nature of Business, has just published his new book: the aptly titled Future Fit.

As Bob Willard put it: if the Future-Fit Business Benchmark is the ‘what’ – defining the destination that all companies must reach – then Giles’ book might be thought of as the ‘how’. It’s a workbook full of practical tips, insights and case studies, suitable for anyone from entrepreneur to seasoned business executive.

Although written independently, Giles’ new book is completely aligned with the spirit of what the Benchmark sets out to do: reorienting the way we do business in pursuit of a prosperous future for all. For more information and to order a copy visit


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