News | 11th June 2020

Future-Fit’s Blueprint for Safe, Healthy, Post-COVID Future

By Joanna Robertson

The global pandemic we’re all facing throws a spotlight on the interdependencies between business, nature and society. It may be tempting right now, when it is hard to see beyond the next few weeks, to dismiss the Sustainable Development Goals as a distraction.

But the SDGs have been described as a “crowd-sourced purchase order from the future” precisely because they offer a tremendous business opportunity. It’s one which strives not to get things ‘back on track’, but strives to chart a path forwards that regenerates Earth’s natural systems and rebuilds our social fabric; and in so doing, increases our collective resilience to future shocks.

Read our article on Sustainable Brands to learn how the SDGs provide the blueprint we need for the future, and check back here for another article outlining why a holistic response to the SDGs is so important.

Joanna Robertson

Joanna is a communications professional with experience in using digital platforms to build community and conversation.