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Helping to create a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand

NZTech is dedicated to fostering a values-driven, interconnected tech community that collaboratively elevates equity, sustainability, and prosperity for everyone in Aotearoa. Their mission involves generating employment, fostering export growth, and making a positive impact through technology for the greater good.

Their efforts are directed towards contributing to the establishment of a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand, grounded in the principles of ethical and beneficial technology.

Using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark

NZTech employs the Future-Fit Business Benchmark as a tool for assessing and enhancing the organization’s performance and its effects on both people and the planet. The 2023 report indicates progress from the baseline measurement in 2022.

‘To date, NZTech has reported on sustainability in terms of the extent to which it might be causing harm to people or planet and what we are doing to address any shortcomings. NZTech is using the Future-Fit Break-Even Goals to do this. Break-Even Goals represent the line in the sand every business must strive to reach to be sure it is not slowing down progress to a flourishing future.’

NZ Tech ESG Report 2023 pp.5

NZTech, the not-for-profit umbrella association for the technology ecosystem in New Zealand, manages 15 tech associations with over 2,000 members who collectively employ more than 10% of the New Zealand workforce. Climate change and sustainability are a strategic focus for the organisation and recently the NZTech Board set out to identify a best in class international tool to help NZTech assess its climate impact and provide an opportunity to support our members understand their impact.  The Future-Fit Business Benchmark was chosen as it brings together a wealth of global research into a tool that enables businesses to assess and monitor not only their climate impact, but also their social impact. Using this online tool we have assessed NZTech across multiple ESG Break-Even Goals and have now started to work on our role in supporting Positive Pursuits.

Graeme Muller, CEO, NZTech.

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