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Better Energy – Engineers of a Sustainable Future

Better Energy, a renewable energy company operating in Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and Finland, was founded with the goal of accelerating the shift to renewable energy sources by providing mass quantities of affordable green energy. The company focuses on creating new and additional renewable energy through the development, construction, and operation of energy parks.

Their emphasis is on renewable energy solutions that not only reduce CO2 emissions but also contribute to biodiversity, all while remaining cost-effective compared to traditional sources like coal, oil, and gas. By designing, developing, engineering, financing, building, operating, and owning renewable power plants in Northern European markets, Better Energy delivers green power to local and national electricity grids.

Adopting the Future-Fit Business Benchmark

Throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022, Better Energy released an Integrated Report employing the Future-Fit Benchmark. This approach was adopted to shape the discourse, providing a tangible and credible account of their sustainability initiatives and objectives.

‘Sustainability is the ability to sustain. To reach that point, we must have no negative impact on people, communities or nature. Regeneration is going beyond sustainability – it is about restoring, replenishing and revitalising.’

Better Energy Integrated Report 2022 pp.25

Better Energy have been using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to understand when they no longer have any negative impacts on the planetary boundaries and have recently completed a Future-Fit aligned hotspot assessment for all of their direct spend categories in Procurement.

Better Energy’s vision is to become engineers of a sustainable future and in order to fulfil that vision, we need to understand when we are actually sustainable. The Future-Fit Framework is the only one out there, which clearly helps us understand when we are there – the Future-Fit approach is crucial for us – it is crucial for all business if we want a future within which we can all thrive.

Cora Olsen, VP, Head of Sustainability & Regeneration, Better Energy.

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