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Aviva Launch the Sustainable Business Coach

Aviva has introduced a new digital tool, Sustainable Business Coach, to assist brokers in understanding the environmental and societal impact of their businesses.

The tool, developed in collaboration with Future-Fit and digital coaching business Life Moments, aims to enhance brokers’ sustainability capabilities by providing personalized reports, setting sustainability goals, and offering free learning modules.

The tool involves a 20-30 minute questionnaire to identify relevant sustainability goals for each business, generating a progress score and actionable steps towards achieving Net Zero. Aviva’s Broker Barometer previously revealed that 31% of brokers have sustainability plans but haven’t implemented them.

The Sustainable Business Coach seeks to support brokers in building more resilient and efficient businesses, aligning with the growing interest among brokers to contribute to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Our purpose is to be with brokers today for a better tomorrow. Helping our partners become more sustainable, across all aspects of ESG, and getting climate-ready, is an integral part of how we run our business.

With our previous research showing that the majority of brokers want support to make their businesses more sustainable, our new Coach offers clear, actionable advice and guidance, while also providing them with the ability to benchmark their progress. Not only does this help brokers create a long-term plan, it ensures that they remain relevant to clients whose needs are constantly evolving in this space.

Ryan Birbeck, Broker Development Director, Aviva.

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