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Leveraging science for a more promising future

At Plant & Food Research, they are dedicated to leveraging science for a more promising future.

Their commitment involves identifying environmentally sustainable solutions today to ensure a better world tomorrow. Through collaborations with partners, they apply cutting-edge science to enhance various facets of food production, including cultivation, fishing, harvesting, preparation, and distribution.

The team, comprised of 1000 individuals located in New Zealand and globally, works towards delivering nutritious foods through the world’s most sustainable systems. Their efforts span across the development of new fruits, improvement of grains, implementation of intelligent chemical usage, strengthening of biosecurity measures, increasing yields, introduction of exciting food varieties, promotion of nutrition, and reduction of waste.

They address complex biological challenges, create innovative products and technologies, and explore visionary approaches to cultivate a smart and green future.

Adopting the Future-Fit Business Benchmark

Plant and Food Research has embraced the Future-Fit Business Benchmark as a tool to recognize and address any shortcomings in their sustainability performance, encompassing the 23 Break-Even Goals.

It also serves as a means to articulate the value generated both directly through their activities and indirectly by assisting others in adopting sustainable practices (the 24 Positive Pursuits).

Their commitment extends beyond mere discussions about sustainability, as they actively strive to evolve into a more sustainable organization. The Benchmark, recognized globally for evaluating how organizations contribute to a thriving society, has been utilized by Plant and Food Research over the last two years as a strategic tool to convey their sustainability narrative in their annual reports.

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is quantitative, transparent, action-oriented, and built on robust systems science. Those features are all really important for an impact-focussed, science-based organisation like Plant & Food Research.

Roger Robson-Williams, Chief Sustainability Officer, NZ Plant & Food Research.

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