Case Study | Westports

Charting Social Sustainability: Westports’ Commitment, Evaluation, and Impact Assessment through FFBB and IMP

Westports, situated in Port Klang, is one of the three main ports in the Straits of Malacca, handling gateway and transshipment container cargo. Its strategic location along the main shipping route in the Straits of Malacca makes it a key player in port operations. Westports manages container and conventional cargo, offering a range of port services such as marine, rental, and ancillary services.

In 2022, Westports Malaysia engaged Acacia Blue to assess its Social Sustainability agenda and impact. The evaluation focused on two areas: using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark (FFBB) to analyze Break-Even-Goals and employing the Impact Management Project (IMP) to assess Positive Pursuits and calculate Social Impact.

Using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark

The FFBB has been instrumental for Westports in establishing a clear destination for social sustainability related to Human and Social capital, covering stakeholders like employees, customers, and communities. It enables the monitoring of performance, prioritizing actions where most needed in the social sustainability agenda. The FFBB ensures that Westports’ Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy supports employees in meeting basic needs and pursuing higher needs for growth.

Moreover, the FFBB has been used to set desired outcomes and measure social impact for non-revenue generating CSR initiatives through Westports Foundation. It provides a framework for reporting on social sustainability, offering a science-based destination and guiding progress toward it. This framework also meets the reporting requirements of investors, providing a clear, value-based social sustainability reporting structure.

There were learnings for Westports from using the Future – Fit Business Benchmark as well as measuring the social impact from our CSR activities, that improved our understanding on sustainability best practices.

Yogan Gunalan, Special Officer, Executive Chairman Office, Westports.

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