News | 17th November 2020

Business as Unusual: Introducing Future‑Fit Pioneers

By Future-Fit

Our economic system needs a complete overhaul, and the Future-Fit Business Benchmark is helping organisations of all shapes and sizes play their part in the transition.

A growing number of companies and investors are ready to tell the world where they are, where they’re going, and how they’re going to get there.

And from today they can: by becoming a Future-Fit Pioneer.

We are ready now to take the journey, to be really authentic and show the world what we’re doing: what we’re doing well, what we’re doing poorly, but most importantly, we know where we’re going, and we have a clear direction.

Grant Webster, CEO, Tourism Holdings Ltd, New Zealand

Being a Future-Fit Pioneer is about showing others that we are serious about transforming our business for the better and that we will do so in a data-driven and transparent way.

Line Iren Andersen, Director R&D and Manufacturing, BRIGHT products, Norway

Future-Fit is the best (and currently only) methodology that helps investors understand where their portfolio companies are on their journeys to actual sustainability in line with planetary boundaries – this is a game changer.

Sven Beyersdorff, Founding Partner, Nordic Sustainability, Denmark

Could you become a Pioneer?

Tired of responding to questionnaires that don’t tell your story, have little to do with your core business, and convey the wrong message to stakeholders? Then it’s time for a change.

  • Be recognized as a true leader by showcasing your ambition and progress to your investors, employees and customers via a dedicated page on the Future-Fit website.
  • Collaborate with the best through membership of the Future-Fit Changemaker Community and access to dedicated Pioneer resources, peer discussions and expert webinars.
  • Rapidly embed future-fitness with our online management tools for Pioneers, designed to help you fully integrate the Future-Fit approach into your business (available in 2021).

We are excited to become Australia’s first large corporate to join the Pioneer program. We look forward to leading and collaborating with others to continue our sustainability performance as part of this program.

Robert Bonotto, General Manager for Corporate Affairs, Fuji Xerox Australia

I don’t think the financial community as a whole has covered itself in glory in terms of promoting sustainability – it’s been more of a barrier in many ways. I hope that we can play our role in leading the charge and putting sustainability at the heart of investment decision making.

Seb Beloe, Partner, WHEB Asset Management, UK

Committing as a Future-Fit Pioneer is one of the most honest and responsible steps to engage in a deep systemic change that every business should be willing to make for a genuine ESG journey.

João Bernardo Casalli, Co-founder, Ionica, Brazil

How do I get started?

Is your organisation ready to become a Future-Fit Pioneer?

You’ll need to be ready to:

  • Declare your ambition to become a Future-Fit Business, by eliminating all of the potential negative impacts associated with what you do, and creating a positive impact wherever possible.
  • Commit to disclosing an annual summary of where you are on the journey, by publishing a Statement of Progress on the Future-Fit website.

We need every business to step up and play their part in the transition to a flourishing future and we’re proud to play our part.

Catherine Harris, Head of CR and Sustainability (N.A.), ACRE, USA

We’re built on the belief that businesses should help solve the world’s problems, not create them, and that we should have a lasting positive impact on society, the economy and the planet.

Elliott Dexter, Founder, Handpicked Society, UK

Businesses need to be authentic about their sustainability performance to maintain trust and show authenticity. The Pioneer program addresses these challenges in a robust way and shows what the future of sustainability reporting really looks like.

Simon Harvey, Executive Director, Proxima, New Zealand

If that sounds like a destination you’d like to aim for, and you’d like to be one of the growing community who have already committed, get in touch so that we can help you take your first steps as a Future-Fit Pioneer.


Future-Fit is the developer, promoter and steward of the Future-Fit methodology.