News | 13th October 2021

Better Energy joins Future-Fit Development Council

By Future-Fit

Renewable energy company Better Energy is joining the Future-Fit Foundation Development Council, a group of multinational companies and investors committed to understanding and pursuing true social and environmental leadership.

Since the very beginning, Better Energy has been a leader. The company was founded with the strong conviction that real change is possible. Better Energy has always had a purpose, a clear goal for where it wants to go and a strategy for how to get there. Better Energy’s vision is to be engineers of a sustainable future, and they have championed new pathways for a greener electricity grid and new solutions in line with this vision.

In pursuit of that purpose, Better Energy joined the trailblazing group of Future-Fit Pioneers in 2020, declaring their ambition to meet each of the goals described in the Future-Fit Business Benchmark by using the methodology to manage and improve their social and environmental performance. The aim is to be a truly responsible, resilient, regenerative business and to make an impact.

Future-Fit Foundation is born out of the vision of a Future-Fit Society, which protects the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever by being environmentally restorative, socially just, and economically inclusive. The Development Council works closely with Future-Fit to integrate Future-Fit thinking and metrics into their business and help make Future-Fit’s tools even more useful and usable.

Now, Better Energy is joining Future-Fit Foundation’s Development Council:

“We are thrilled to welcome Better Energy to our Development Council. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark offers companies a North Star to guide ambition and action toward the future our society needs. Better Energy’s work to drive rapid change in our energy system is fully aligned with that vision. We are excited by this opportunity to work more closely with Better Energy. What we learn from this partnership will prove invaluable in informing our ongoing enhancement of the Benchmark, which is free for any company to use,” says Dr Geoff Kendall, Co-Founder and CEO of Future-Fit Foundation.

Better Energy joins existing members, including Novo Nordisk, Ørsted, Chanel, Virgin Money and The Body Shop to catalyse system change and lead by example:

“The Future-Fit Business Benchmark allows us to define which world we want and what steps we need to take to achieve that world. Instead of building on past experiences, we believe that it is more responsible to think the other way around. We can increase the pace of progress by imagining better ways of doing things and by mobilising all the resources needed to make it happen,” says Better Energy CEO Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær and explains:

“The Benchmark helps us facilitate this process. The future we envision is a fair and inclusive society powered by clean energy. To us, it is more than a vision. It is a future that we are putting all our efforts into shaping with the help of the Benchmark. We are happy to join the Development Council to support and enable sustainable business practices, share our experiences and inspire other companies to pursue a more sustainable regenerative society.”


Future-Fit is the developer, promoter and steward of the Future-Fit methodology.