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A Future-Fit® society will protect the possibility that humans and other life can flourish on Earth forever, by being environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive.

Why does future-fitness matter?

Our global economy is failing society in three critical ways - and we
must consider them together if we are to get things back on track.


We are disrupting and degrading Earth’s natural processes, upon which we as a species and all other life depend.


The basic needs of billions of people around the world are not being met, while the gap between the haves and have-nots grows.


Business has the power to address these critical challenges, but today’s markets are doing little to encourage bold action.

As the engines of our global economy, companies must be encouraged and equipped to tackle these systemic issues.

To chart a path to future-fitness, we must rethink
how we create long-term business value

To mobilize business in pursuit of future-fitness, we must empower all market actors to recognize and reward the right kinds of action. This starts with understanding that companies don't exist in a vacuum: business can only thrive if society prospers, which in turn demands that we safeguard Earth's life-support systems.

In an increasingly uncertain world, focusing on system value will become ever-more critical to business success.

Every company must be willing to disrupt
the status quo – or wait to be disrupted

Markets are already changing in new and unexpected ways. Threats to existing business models – from new entrants, substitutes, advocacy groups and supply chain disruptions – will only continue to rise as societal expectations shift and environmental pressures grow.

The companies that thrive tomorrow – and will be celebrated for doing so – will be those who do most to respond to these disruptive market forces today.

25+ years of proven systems science tells us what needs to happen

Since the 1990s an international group of scientists, led by the founders of The Natural Step, has co-created and refined an academically rigorous, systems-based framework designed to guide progress toward a flourishing future.

At the heart of this framework lies a set of eight social and environmental system conditions that together set out how a Future-Fit society must operate.

Mobilizing business to pursue future-fitness

For society to become Future-Fit, we must encourage and equip all market actors to focus on creating system value. This is where the Future-Fit Business Benchmark comes in: it translates systems science into practical tools, starting with a clear definition of the extra-financial break-even point that all companies must strive to reach.

Find out more about the Benchmark

A growing range of companies are using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to guide innovation – in products, practices, and business models – in pursuit of future-fitness and long-term business success. Are you ready to join them?

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