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GOAL FF07 | Business activities

Operational waste is eliminated

A Future-Fit Business seeks to eliminate operational waste completely, and ensures that all by-products are repurposed. Organic waste may be composted and returned to the soil, and materials that can be reused must be reclaimed.

What this goal means

The world’s resources are finite. Many renewable resources are consumed faster than they can regenerate, and as society’s most accessible finite resources are used up, extraction methods often become increasingly disruptive. Demand for virgin resources can be mitigated if materials are repurposed, rather than discarded. Repurposing also eliminates costs – financial, environmental and human – that waste disposal incurs.

Waste is used here to mean all materials generated as by-products of production and other operational activities which the company manages to contain, and which require treatment, repurposing, or disposal. This includes both hazardous and non-hazardous manufacturing materials, as well as non-production waste (e.g. office paper, food, retired equipment).

To be Future-Fit a company must:

  1. Eliminate all avoidable waste generation; and
  2. Reuse, recycle or otherwise repurpose any remaining waste.

Why this goal is needed...

The amount of waste we create is huge, and it’s growing.

Each year, nations generate 1.3 billion tons of waste. That’s expected to soar to 4 billion tons by 2100.

Governments are increasingly reviewing their approach to waste management.

China, the largest global importer of many types of recyclable materials and waste, announced in 2017 that it will radically change its approach to waste imports within months, forcing other nations to find alternative means of disposal.

Want to learn more about this goal?

Download the Action Guide for more information, and find out how to get started.

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Operational waste is eliminated


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