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The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a free tool to help companies and investors transform how they create long-term value, for themselves and society as a whole.

Introducing the Future-Fit Business Benchmark

Yesterday’s business models are faltering. To thrive in an uncertain future, today’s companies must embrace and manage disruption, and must clearly and credibly articulate how they are creating long-term value for their shareholders and society as a whole. This is where the Future-Fit Business Benchmark comes in.

A clear destination

The Benchmark identifies the environmental and social performance thresholds that all companies must ultimately strive to reach, and a way to assess progress toward them.

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A guide for innovation

The Benchmark helps companies zero in on the best ways to have a positive impact on the world, from production and procurement practices to products and business models.

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A tool for engagement

The Benchmark helps companies assess and articulate the true value of their actions and ambitions, to foster better engagement with employees, investors and others.

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A clear destination

The line in the sand all companies must strive to reach

The Benchmark identifies the extra-financial break-even point for business, expressed as a unified set of social and environmental goals. Each goal is complemented by indicators designed to support effective monitoring of progress.

Engage non-experts

Each goal is a single sentence, and progress can be expressed in visual terms. This straightforward framing makes it easier to discuss complex issues with non-experts.

Identify blind spots

If a goal feels like a real stretch that’s ok: no one expects transformation overnight. But if a goal seems ‘impossible’ your business model may have a blind spot that needs attention.

Prioritize actions

Which goals are most relevant to your own resilience and the wellbeing of your stakeholders? Exploring these questions can make it much easier to prioritize effectively.

The journey to future-fitness will be different for every company, no matter what its size or sector – but the destination is the same.

Explore the Break-Even Goals

A guide for innovation

Where companies can have the most positive impact

Progressive companies make it their business to do good in the world.
But what does ‘doing good’ really mean?

By clearly identifying how specific project- and product-based innovations can contribute to society’s future-fitness, the Benchmark helps companies translate well-meaning intentions into meaningful, measurable impact in and beyond their value chains.

Release 2 of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark offers guidance on how to pursue innovation that measurably advances society’s transition to future-fitness.

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A tool for engagement

Assess and articulate progress more effectively

Extra-financial information is rarely tracked or presented in ways
that meet the needs of internal or external audiences.

From reporting…

The questionnaire-based scoring model favoured by third-party raters frustrates companies and investors alike: it is resource-intensive, offers little actionable insight, and often fails to reward bold action. Sustainability reports offer the chance to tell a bigger story, but no two reports follow the same structure so comparison is hard.

…to engagement

Companies can use the Benchmark to monitor progress throughout the year, so employees gain ongoing insight into where improvements can be made. Progress can then be articulated in the context of long-term ambitions, in a concise and consistent way. So stakeholders see not just where the business is now, but where it’s going and why.

Get started now

The journey to future-fitness will be long and challenging.
All the more reason to get started now.

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After 18 months of work and extensive feedback from our Development Council, Release 2 of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark was launched in November 2017.

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We must all play our part in society’s journey toward future-fitness – and we’ll get there faster if we work together. Are you ready to join the movement?

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