Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Contact: Email +32 477 780 982


We recognize the crucial role every business must play in creating a Future-Fit Society – one that is environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive – and we are committed to playing our part.

We aspire to become a Future-Fit Business because we believe that our long-term success is tied to the value we provide to society. That means we must eliminate al potential negative impacts associated with what we buy, what we sell, and what we do.

Human capital is our most important resource. Therefore, we will take care of our employees, service providers and partners in terms of physical and mental health, give them maximum opportunities and encourage their personal development and lifelong learning. We wil invest and take initiative in inclusion and diversity and leave no one behind. We will also monitor and, if necessary, improve the respect for human rights in our upstream value chain.

Our business operations are primarily focused on services. Therefore, our company has a limited impact on the environment compared to manufacturing companies. Nevertheless, we will investigate the negative impact our business processes have on the environment, directly and indirectly, and how we can contribute to less waste and more circularity. Reducing carbon emissions in our value chain is also a n important challenge.

For challenges we have no direct impact on, we want to share our mission of becoming Future-Fit with those involved. In this way, we can also inspire and influence other companies to move towards future-fitness. In addition, we will seek to create positive impact wherever we can, to speed up society’s transition to future-fitness through our own actions and by assisting others on the journey.

We support organizations in effectively implementing their most important plans and ambitions, preferably in the (complex) fields of digital transformation and sustainability, always from a human (behaviour) perspective. As such we aim to contribute to the sustainable development ambitions of our customers and partners.

We will also support specific projects that stimulate sustainable progress, separate from our business operations and value chain.

We acknowledge that incremental improvement of the status quo isn’t enough, so we intend to transform the way we do things. We wil lead by example and encourage other businesses to do the same.