Location: Tokyo, Japan
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Business Consultants, Inc

Business Consultants Inc. (BCon) aims to work with clients and partners to establish Future-Fit businesses. We want to be a leader of “good people” and “good businesses” that together create positive impact for the planet, society, and people. Currently, we are exploring the three major questions:

  • What should organizations do to protect and restore the planet and achieve social sustainability?
  • How can we bring innovation to businesses in order to realize a sustainable society?
  • How can we support organizations and communities where every constituent can experience physical and mental well-being, so that they can take on difficult challenges?

COVID-19 has exposed inequality in many parts of our societies. The reality of global environmental degradation and people losing trust everywhere have made us realize that there are so many things that BCon can and should do using our expertise in Organizational Development. We will tackle complex problems made of intertwined issues from a wider perspective, learn quickly from our various initiatives, and continue to move forward. We will share these lessons learned with our clients and the world so that we can all contribute to the sustainability agenda in the right way.

In general, service providers like BCon generate less impact on the environment than manufacturers, but we are determined to minimize the environmental burden generated in our business processes. Following are the four key areas we will work on:

  1. Zero operational waste.
  2. Zero greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our operations.
  3. Promote sustainable and responsible procurement with consideration for human rights and the environment.
  4. Pursue well-being for our employees, customers, partners, and other relevant players in the value web.

We will share our progress every year to model what we teach, and encourage other companies to do the same.