Disclosure level: 1 - Initial
Disclosure date:November 2020
Pioneer since:2019
Future-Fit Pioneer Profile


We are the largest provider of holiday campervans for rent and sale in Australia, New Zealand & USA.

Region: Americas, Western Pacific, Global
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Our commitment to a Future-Fit Society

Our vision is to sustainably connect millions with personalised local experiences, leveraging our global expertise in Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and tourism. To deliver this vision, we know we need to take an active role in tackling the complex issues the world is facing, and that is why we’re committed to becoming a Future-Fit Business. We believe this will support thl’s long-term sustainability and resilience in the face of future disruption.

Our public commitment to the Future-Fit Business Benchmark in 2019 was an acknowledgement that a change in pace is required to tackle the urgent and complex issues the world is facing. The Australian and US bushfires, and the global impacts of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry has tested our resilience and strengthened our commitment to becoming Future-Fit. Over the last 12 months, we have shown we can make the changes that are going to be required, at a pace we had not imagined possible. 

In 2021 our focus is to reset for the future, which has included prioritising our Future-Fit Goals to ensure we are addressing the material challenges for our business and industry at a system level, with a focus on reducing our vehicle emissions in our current and future fleet.

As a responsible tourism operator, we remain focused on ensuring our products do not cause harm to people or the environment through our responsible travel programs and that we protect the health of communities and ecosystems in sensitive destinations, such as caves in Waitomo. At our branches in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S., actions are underway to make progress on energy, water, operational GHG emissions and waste reduction goals.

Continual measurement against the Future-Fit indicators, a focus on our priority goals and a commitment to disclose an annual Statement of Progress will help to ensure we make rapid and consistent progress. We are working on completion of the full Baseline Future-Fit Benchmark Assessment and will be providing an in-depth update on our progress against the Future-Fit Goals in our next annual Integrated Report.

We are proud to be a ‘Future-Fit Pioneer’ and we are committed to not only transform the way we do business but to also to share our journey. Where we can, we aim to go well beyond the Break-Even Goals into Positive Pursuits, where we will actively seek to be a force for good. We look forward to transparently disclosing our progress when the new Future-Fit data hub is available and collaborating with other leading organisations to build a regenerative and resilient future.

Understanding our negative impact risks

While our purpose is to create a positive impact in the world through the travel experiences we provide and enable, we also recognise the need to reduce our risks of having any negative impact. This table summarises those risks.

This disclosure and the assessments within it represent the opinion of the disclosing Pioneer company itself, and do not reflect a rating or endorsement by Future-Fit. Unless otherwise indicated, this information has not been subject to 3rd party assurance.

Where we are on our journey

We became a Future-Fit Pioneer in late 2020. This table meets the requirements for a Level 1 Statement of Progress, in particular by including information relating to all of our high risk Break-Even Goals.

Break-Even Goals – High Risk

Break-Even Goals – Moderate Risk

Break-Even Goals – Low Risk

Break-Even Goals – Unlikely Risk

This disclosure and the assessments within it represent the opinion of the disclosing Pioneer company itself, and do not reflect a rating or endorsement by Future-Fit. Unless otherwise indicated, this information has not been subject to 3rd party assurance.

The Pioneer Statement of Progress

Future-Fit Pioneers are forward-thinking organizations that understand the need to completely transform how we do business if society is to flourish in the 21st Century. Pioneers have publicly committed to transforming their organizations over time. This webpage contains a Statement of Progress, which is how Pioneers share where they are on their transformational journey, and how they plan to move forward, including information on the organization’s…

Purpose: How the Pioneer strives to contribute to a Future-Fit Society, including its commitment to eliminate harm and to create positive impact.

Priority: An assessment of which environmental and social topics pose the largest risks to individuals or the environment if unaddressed by the Pioneer, based on industry and operating context.

Progress: A summary of the key data points the Pioneer currently tracks on each topic and, where possible, disclosure of the progress made.

Pathway: An outline of the commitments the Pioneer has made to improve its impact.

Preparedness: The steps the Pioneer is taking to embed the pursuit of future-fitness throughout the business.

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