Disclosure level: 0 - Intention
Disclosure date:November 2020
Pioneer since:2020
Future-Fit Pioneer Profile

Better Energy

We are a renewable energy company, creating new green energy.

Region: Europe
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact: Email +45 7199 0203

Our Future-Fit Pioneer commitment…

Better Energy is a renewable energy company founded with the purpose of accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources with better solutions and mass quantities of affordable clean energy.

We are driven by the vision of a healthy, safe and sustainable future and we know that sustainable development is not possible without cleaner, renewable sources of power. Guided by our mission, we aim to accelerate the transition to renewable energy as rapidly as possible and at the lowest cost possible. We want to lead the way and show others how to shape our energy future in a way that phases out fossil fuels and benefits biodiversity and ecosystems.

Our business has a purpose beyond just making money. We are working to create something larger than ourselves and we want to lead the way, showing others how it is possible to shape our energy future to benefit society. This means fostering the development of new energy solutions while working to identify and eliminate all of our negative impacts. That’s why we are committed to becoming a Future-Fit Business.

We will lead by example and will publish our first Future-Fit Statement of Progress within the next 12 months.

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